Total Flower Chaos debut CD “Roses” released today!

Total Flower Chaos Debut Album

Roses, the debut CD of Total Flower Chaos, is released today!  This is a 5-song instrumental rock CD, that combines various rock genres such as metal, hard rock, psychedelic and space rock, and noise.  You can hear the first song on the track on the music player here on this page.

To buy the CD, go to the CDBaby site.

To download the songs, go to the Bandcamp site.

You can stream all 5 songs for free at either of the above sites.  (Bandcamp limits you to 3 free listens before you have to pay for a download.)

Please note that Bandcamp gives you the option of paying higher than the listed price in order to help the artists recover their costs.  We definitely appreciate that!

We love to hear from those of you who bought the CD or downloads.  Please post your comments here!


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