Electric Poetry

Last year while auditioning musicians for Total Flower Chaos, I met 3 great musicians who had been jamming together for years. They are drummer Jay Meikrantz, bassist Sean Mullen, and guitarist Paul Webb. They liked my my singer-songwriter songs, and wanted to play them. Janet Lipson joined on backing vocals, and keyboardist Kelly Walker later joined. We named the group Electric Poetry. We’ve been playing gigs and getting a following. It’s not Total Flower Chaos but sometimes life doesn’t go as planned. And sometimes that’s good. I’m enjoying the ride. I like playing these songs, too. They mean something to me, and obviously they touch other people, too.

You can hear and see us at our Reverbnation Site .

I still want to form a band to play the heavier, edgier and more spacey music that I call Total Flower Chaos. But between Electric Poetry and Scupanon, my acoustic band, it will be tough to find enough time for third band. But I’m still interested in jamming with people who like this music. So write me at rob@robroper.com if you dig the lyrical and musical style that I’m creating under the name of Total Flower Chaos.

–Rob Roper, March 4, 2018 (updated April 4, 2018)

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